Where to Post a Babysitter Ad

People are not going to magically know you are looking to hire a babysitter. This means that you are going to need to post a babysitter job somewhere and find possible applicants. However, do you know what some of the best places are to post a babysitter job? We have sorted through a few favorite places that some of our readers have mentioned before.

Online at Sitter.com

Posting a babysitter job ad online at sitter.com is one of the best ways to get your message out there. When you post a babysitter job there ,you know that only interested parties are going to look at your information. Another benefit is that posting online gives you a great way to describe your household, any special needs that you might have, how many children would be involved and more. By being able to discuss this information beforehand, you are going to A) Reduce the number of applicants who respond that would not be interested in your particular situation, and B) Reduce the amount of applicants that you will need to explain your situation to prospective before you interview them.


You might not think to post a babysitter job at the preschool, but this is a logical choice. Especially if your children already attend preschool, they know their teacher. This would cut down on the adjustment period. Because of their chosen profession, preschool teachers have a number of age-related activities to keep young children entertained while you are out for the evening. If it turns out the preschool teachers are not interested, you can always ask them for a babysitter reference, chances are that you are not the first person to have asked them.

The local newspaper

You can post a babysitter job in the local newspaper, but you should expect to receive plenty of applications. It is even recommended that if you go this route, you make sure that you create a new email account just to make sure that responses to your babysitter job ad do not flood your current inbox.

Community organizations

It is possible that your local community education facility, YMCA, or local library offers babysitting classes. If they do offer these classes, you would probably do well with a babysitter job ad here. Not only are these parties interested in babysitting (why else would they attend classes?) but they are also learning about it. It is always good to get a babysitter who has experience or understanding about how to deal with children.

Nearby colleges and universities

Of course you do not want to post a babysitter job ad in the middle of campus, but you can ask the early education departments at the university if they have job boards available. Posting your request here means that you are able to access young adults who will often ask for significantly less money, but are still capable of staying up throughout the night if need be.

Ask the camp counselors

The summer arts program and Girl Scouts are filled with young professionals who absolutely adore working with children. It may be a rather unique way to find a reliable sitter, but these young adults may be interested in the experience and extra pocket change. You can always ask the counselors or Scout leaders if they have any possible recommendations for you.

Remember that any and all of these sources on where to post a babysitter job are just leads for finding potential babysitters. It is still important to check out any prospective hire before you leave them alone with your children. We have discussed babysitter background checks in other articles to help you figure out what information you need to be aware of. Even if you feel you have a great connection, it is still a good idea to interview other candidates as well. In the event that your main babysitter is unable to work, this is going to give you a possible backup babysitter.

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