What to Say in a Babysitter Job Interview

As with any job, it is perfectly normal to be nervous before having a babysitting job interview. It is important to remember that for most parents, their children mean everything to them. This means that it is important to be prepared for your babysitter job interview, because if parents or guardians get the idea that you are unsafe or not serious, chances are that your babysitting job interview is going to end up in disappointment. Even if you have the necessary qualifications, not performing well during the interview may still lead to you not getting the job.

Be mature and responsible

Remember that while a lot of the time babysitting revolves about entertaining small children, there is no doubt that safety is most important. Just because you like to play around and make funny faces with the kids, remember that parents care about safety more than anything when conducting a babysitter job interview. Make sure that you demonstrate that you are mature and responsible. Speak confidently and articulately, act mature, and make sure to give a good first impression. Remember that essentially, you are applying to be a ‘replacement parent’ for a little while.

Be polite and friendly

Even if you have a great resume with great references, no one wants to have a babysitter who is difficult to deal with. They need to make sure that you are going to be available for an emergency and they want to know that they have to be able to cancel at the last minute without you becoming too angry. Remember, parents are looking for ways to make their life easier, not more complicated.

Make sure to be honest and open

One of the most frustrating aspects for parents is agreeing upon payment terms during a babysitting job interview, only to have to alter them later. Make sure that you do not agree to hours that are unfair or accept a lower rate than you deserve. However, you want to make sure that you are honest about being comfortable with having last-minute schedule changes. If your schedule genuinely never allows for that, it is important to mention this during the babysitter job interview (though there is a good chance that they are going to hire someone else).

Make sure that you show up to the interview prepared

If you are going into a babysitter job interview, you have to be prepared for certain questions such as “How would you react if my son or daughter was involved in an accident?” or “How would you handle this and this situation?” You do not want have nothing to say. Make sure that you come off as someone who is completely reliable and in control. If you have someone you can practice with, it is a great idea to go through some of the questions that might come up in a babysitting job interview.

Make sure to show you are dedicated

One of the primary complaints that parents have about babysitters is that they are often more focused on what is on television, what is going on with Facebook or with significant others than with the kids they are paid to watch. This means that you want to keep outside interests somewhat limited during your interview. While this does not mean that you have to lie about what you enjoy, you do want to make sure that you give parents the idea that you are going to focus on your job.

Essentially, you want to make sure that you emphasize the positive during a babysitting job interview while downplaying any potential parent red flags. You have to ask yourself, if you were going to hire someone to take care of someone you care about a great deal, what traits would you look for in that person? Be that person in your babysitter job interview, be intelligent, honest, trustworthy and reliable and you are going to get the job before long.

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