What are the Typical Babysitter Rates?

It can be rather difficult to determine babysitter rates. Even though you want to make sure you pay enough to keep a qualified babysitter happy and coming back, you also do not want to pay far more than the traditional babysitter pay rate. Even though there are always going to be individual factors to consider, we have broken down numerous different factors that go into determining babysitter pay. These factors include:

  • Information about the babysitter (age and experience)
  • Additional responsibilities for the babysitter
  • The number of and age(s) of your kids
  • Your current location
  • Any special occasions

Information about the babysitter

As with any professional, you can expect an older, more experienced babysitter to ask for higher babysitter pay. Whereas 11 to 14 year olds might be happy with $5 to $6 an hour, you have to remember that older babysitters and those that do this for a living are likely to expect far more. It is also important to remember that what your babysitter charges is going to depend on any additional household responsibilities that you may have (more about that below). You should also expect babysitter rates to be much higher in metropolitan areas simply because the cost of living is far higher.

Additional responsibilities for the babysitter

If you are going to expect your babysitter to be ‘just a babysitter’, meaning they stay in your home and watch the children, you can expect a somewhat lower babysitter pay rate. However, are you expecting (instead of allowing) your babysitter to help your children with their homework? Are you expecting them to transport or accompany your children to activities such as sports or hobbies? Remember that babysitter pay is going to go up the more you request. There are also parents who request that babysitters attend to basic household tasks such as doing the laundry. While you can certainly discuss this, you have to expect that babysitter rates are going to rise because of that. This is never something you must ‘expect’. Always discuss extra benefits to avoid any later frustrations.

The number of and age(s) of your kids

While parents may be used to taking care of multiple children at once, it is important to compensate the babysitter accordingly. It is expected that you add one or two dollars to the basic hourly babysitter pay rate for every additional child. While parents may not always recognize it, it is not uncommon that a babysitter charges more money for dealing with a difficult child.

Your current location

While we have touched on it before, you should expect babysitter rates to be higher in urban areas than in rural areas. If it is going to take longer to get to where you are located, a babysitter may also charge you a bit more for that as well.

Any special occasions

You have to expect that the babysitter pay rate is going to rise dramatically on special days and holidays such as New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day. It is not only showing appreciation that your babysitter is going to work for you that day, but has also become expected for them clear their schedule.

Are you still not sure how much to pay?

If you are still not sure what to expect when it comes to babysitter pay, you can always ask your babysitter directly. However, if you are directly asking this question, it is important to realize that you are likely going to have to meet (or at least come close to) the rate your babysitter names.

It is important that fair compensation is not only important when it comes to performing extra chores and being accommodating when it comes to scheduling on short notice, but also improves the chances that you are going to hold onto a qualified sitter. It is important to have the peace of mind that you are putting your children into capable hands. The cheapest alternative is not always going to be the one you want.

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