How to Prepare for a Babysitting Job

Even though a babysitting job can be straightforward, you still want to make sure that you are prepared. Especially if you have never babysat before, preparing for a babysitting job can be difficult. That is why we have prepared the next steps to help you get ready as best you can.

Take a stroll through memory lane

Think back to the type babysitter that you might have had when you were young, the ones you liked the best. Were these babysitters friendly? Patient? Caring? Did they show an interest in what you were doing? Ask yourself this question, think back to the answer and then see what sort of qualities would be great to bring into a babysitting job. It only takes a minute or two to think back to previous qualities to see what made a positive impact on you.

Make sure that you arrive on time

Any babysitting job has a basis in responsibility. You can start off right by making sure that you are responsible enough to show up on time. That leaves parents to believe that you are going to pay attention to their kids. Being on time (even a few minutes early) is always going to be appreciated because it allows parent to focus on getting ready and other things instead of worrying about whether you are going to show up.

Make sure that you know how to handle emergencies

If you have never babysat for someone before, it is important to have the information you might need in order to assist in any emergency. This means having a list of medications and allergies available. For the medications, you want to make sure to have the exact amount that every child takes written down. Make sure that you have the phone numbers to the emergency room, primary physician, and cellphone numbers for both parents. It is also a good idea to have number to the Poison Control Helpline in your phone.

Make sure to adapt according to age needs

It is important to note that the responsibilities for a babysitting job can vary wildly, depending on the age of the child(ren). For example, a toddler is going to want more attention and expect you to help them with a number of different things. However, a school-age child will be mostly independent and will actually prefer a bit of independence. Meanwhile, babies are going to rely on you doing everything.

Monkey see – monkey do

You want to set a good example during your babysitting job, remember that kids tend to emulate everything that adults and their peers do. This means teaching children how to manage conflict respectfully, engage in their activities (which means it is a good idea to put your phone away) and use appropriate language. Chances are that the parents are not going to appreciate it if their little darlings learn a few new cusswords while they were out.

Get the information you need

The last thing you want to do is get into a shouting match with a toddler about when bedtime is supposed to be. Get all the information you need beforehand by finding out the specific bedtime routine – what time do they change into their pajamas, do they get a snack before bed, are they allowed to watch television, all the pertinent information is going to help you make this job easier.

Make sure to have something to entertain yourself

Some parents are going to be perfectly all right with you watching television, while others are going to prefer that the television remains off. In that situation, you want to make sure that you have a book or something else to keep you occupied.

Make sure that you bring something to eat

Most parents are going to be more than all right with the babysitter grabbing something out of the fridge. However, others believe that it is important than you bring your own food to eat. You want to make sure that you discuss this beforehand rather than have to listen to your stomach growl for hours on end.

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