How to Find a Babysitter

You want to go out with friends, family, or just a night out because you want to enjoy yourself. If your children are unable to watch themselves and you have no immediate friends or family who can watch your kids, you are going to need to find a babysitter. By following our steps, you are going to find a babysitter that meets your needs.

Why even hire a babysitter?

This is one of the questions that some people have, why do I need to find a babysitter when I have friends and family members who can look after my children? Some of the best reasons include:

  • You have no one in your immediate area – Perhaps you have no friends or family members nearby. This means that you are confined to staying indoors, or hiring a babysitter.
  • Professional expertise – When you hire a professional babysitter, it is important to remember that these have years, sometimes decades of experience. Just because your relatives mean well does not mean that they are going to be great at watching your children.

Your first stop is

The Internet has made our life easier in many different ways, helping you find a babysitter is one of them. By going to you can look around to see who is working and available in your area. Alternatively, you can post a job that tells prospective babysitters about your specific needs. By posting your own job on, you are able to elaborate on important factors right away, this means that you do not have to have the same long discussion with every prospective hire.

You can browse profiles, find out about specific qualifications or years of experience. You may even be able to narrow down availability just by the profiles on Because of that immediate overview, you are not going to waste your time sorting through prospective babysitters that would not be a good fit anyway.

Rely on word of mouth

If you have friends or family members that live nearby and have children of their own, chances are they have gone through this same experience before. Perhaps they can help you find a babysitter. One of the benefits here is that you are getting immediate feedback about the babysitter’s performance from someone that you trust. One of the drawbacks is that parents can be protective of their favorite babysitter, mainly because they want to ensure that their babysitter is going to be available for them if needed.

Look for nanny services

If you are unable to find a babysitter that matches your needs right away, you could look for nanny services in your area. While you do not have to go through the hiring process yourself and it does limit some of the administrative work, you may end up paying a little more when you try to find a babysitter through a professional service.

Place an advertisement yourself

You can place an ad in the local paper that lets people know that you are interested in hiring a babysitter. While this might mean that you have to spend a lot of time sorting through the different applicants, it might be the only way left if you are unable to find a good babysitter by using any of the other aforementioned methods.

Make sure that you interview before you hire

Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, chances are that you are going to have some different options as to which babysitter you are going to hire. To help you with this process, we have also written about some of the more important questions that you want to ask before you hire someone. You do not want to make the mistake of assuming that your babysitter is going to work for minimum wage.

By following these steps, you are going to find a babysitter that matches your needs, has the experience level that you are looking for, and is a good fit with your children. Once you know that you have that, you are able to enjoy yourself outside of the home without having to worry.

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