How to Get a Job as a Babysitter

Whether you are 13 and babysitting is your first experience into the working world or you’re a seasoned babysitter with over 15 years of experience on your plate, babysitting is an enjoyable job and career choice. Oftentimes, you may find it difficult to find a child who fits your personality and skill level.

Finding a job is a site dedicated to uniting sitters across the United States and Canada with parents that need a sitter. Whether you are a babysitter, nanny, petsitter or housesitter, you can post a listing to advertise your services.

An alternative to posting your own advertisement is to respond to a parent looking for your services. Using the simple search tool, you can find a job that suits your needs whether you are from New York, New York, Los Angeles, California or wherever else you happen to live.

Become a better babysitter

Improve your skills at babysitting by reading through our in depth babysitter guide. Our guide will lead you through every aspect of babysitting; from impressing parents during an interview to entertaining a kid at any age, every day of the week.

Before you start your job, make sure you read through several important articles in the guide that can be the difference between parents bragging about how amazing you are to their friends to a child hiding in their room all afternoon thinking you are unfair:

Become more flexible! Learn new skills such as dog walking - petsitters can stand to make a good wage. As a babysitter, it's a huge plus for families with animals around the house if you can provide some petcare on the side.

  • Safety First and Safety at Every Age can help you keep calm during an emergency should one arise. Children are every parent's most valuable possession; you can never be too prepared when it comes to their safety.
  • Understanding Child Behavior and Discipline Strategies are articles that can guide you through those difficult moments when a child starts crying or throwing a tantrum.
  • Successful Nannying provides you with time-tested tips that can get parents to love you and refer you to all their friends.

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