Entertaining Ages 8-12

The first few days as a baby-sitter or nanny can be thrilling and exhausting. But as you settle into a routine, it can be difficult to plan fun and educational daily activities. At the beginning of each week, consider making an activity plan for the children so that your days will be well-planned and the children can be well-entertained. Here are some activities to consider for children aged 8 to 12.

Kids this age can sometimes feel embarrassed that they have a sitter, so it should be your goal to make the child feel like you are enabling her to do the things she loves rather than interfering with her independence. Encouraging interaction with friends and giving some privacy (while frequently checking on the child) is key at this age. Children this age often end up enjoying some of the same activities as their sitter, but here are a few other activities to consider:


  • Going to the bookstore or library
  • Going to age appropriate movies
  • Working on projects like their own newspaper, a club for friends, making comic books, or writing an illustrated book
  • Telling ghost stories and going on "ghost hunts"
  • Making collages for their rooms
  • Re-organizing (and even redecorating with mom and dad's permission) their bedrooms
  • Creating a haunted house
  • Setting up an enclosure for a new pet or improving an enclosure for an old pet
  • Teaching the family pet tricks
  • Science experiments
  • Digital photography and PhotoShopping
  • Scrap-booking
  • Starting an autobiography


  • Going to amusement parks
  • Telling ghost stories and going on "ghost hunts"
  • Camping out (even in the middle of the day)
  • Looking for unique animals in rivers, streams, and creeks
  • Going horseback riding
  • Photography and developing photos in a dark room
  • Going on fossil hunts
  • Panning for gold
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