Entertaining Ages 5-8

The first few days as a baby-sitter or nanny can be thrilling and exhausting. But as you settle into a routine, it can be difficult to plan fun and educational daily activities. At the beginning of each week, consider making an activity plan for the children so that your days will be well-planned and the children can be well-entertained. Here are some activities to consider for children aged 5 to 8.

Children in early elementary school are increasingly independent and may not need you to entertain them every second of every day. Nevertheless, they will still need encouragement to find things to do and, despite their often-deceptive independence, still need constant supervision. Some great activities for children in this age bracket are:


  • Playing complex make believe games like school and office
  • Dressing up and performing funny plays, and even being encouraged to write their own scripts
  • Going to the bookstore or library
  • Reading independently and reading together
  • Learning about the computer, playing with mp3 players and playing video games
  • Building simple forts or clubhouses
  • Writing stories
  • Teaching the family pet tricks
  • Starting clubs for friends
  • Playing cash register with pretend money
  • Cooking projects
  • Making gingerbread houses
  • Starting a collection-stamps, coins, etc.


  • Participating in complex scavenger hunts (kids this age love treasure maps)
  • Going to amusement parks
  • Going to mountain parks to hike the mountains, swim in the lake, ride the train, or ride the trolley
  • Going rollerskating
  • Playing sports like basketball, four square, and soccer
  • Building simple forts or clubhouses
  • Starting clubs for friends
  • Going on dinosaur bone hunts
  • Looking for and categorizing unique rocks and gems
  • Panning for gold
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