Babysitter Business

If you have done babysitting for some time and have some babysitting ideas you can start your own babysitting business. Here are a few steps on how to start:

Learn about the babysitting market

See how many babysitting companies are in your area and evaluate who your potential clients could be.

Select your target customers

See how many potential customers you would have for your services. Here come into play the questions regarding what type of services you want to offer. Will you have a business that offers babysitting services for the kids aged 2 to 5 or older, will it be long time babysitting or will it be event based babysitting, like babysitting while the parents are out for a short trip or a party? Will you also babysit families with pets and provide basic animal care?

Competitor analysis

What services are you providing? How many more business are providing the same services? If they are others providing the same services, why will your services be preferred over theirs? The answers to these questions will allow you to see if your idea is feasible in the market your future business will operate in.

Costs and cash flow analysis

How much will it cost you to run the business? Will you run it from home or will you need an office? How will you keep a record of the money coming in and the money going out (i.e. cash flow analysis)? Will you need to hire an accountant to keep your books or could you use specialized software available on the market? How much will you charge your clients in babysitting fees? Figuring out the costs of everything and how you will plan to keep track of these is the most important aspect to keeping your business running safe from bankruptcy!


A lot of small businesses have just one employee who is also the owner. If that might be your case then it will be simpler and it will involve fewer costs but it will require a lot more work from you, the owner and the employee. If you think you could start with 2 or 3 babysitters, then there are a few things to make sure: make sure you can provide them with babysitter training, afford to pay them competitive babysitter wages and find a way to obtain any sort of babysitter certification for your employees and in this way guarantee a certain level of quality for their services.


How will you promote your business and make it known to your community?

To answer all these questions you can find plenty of information on various resources online about setting up a small business, get expertise counseling or check out the Small Business Administration website for free counseling and technical tips to set up your new business.

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